25 5 2024

The 2010 Internet Time Capsule

Year 2010 is Here!

A Time Capsule is ready from 2002

Content of the time capsule were deposited by owners of 86 Fourth Place Brooklyn, NY 11231: Hara Person and Yigal Rechtman, and their children Liya (9) and Yonatan (7) in the Spring of 2002. To be opened not before the Springof 2022

This time capsule is about 5.5 feet deep, below 2 slate stones that should limit the water run onto the box. The box itself is in cement and is a lock box (the keys are included with the box). It is covered with several layers of plastic.

Interenet Time Capsule
This time capsule will be opened on
January 1, 2010 (EST)
Visit this web site on or after
that date to see what's in it...
Real Time Capsule
Deposited at my home to be opened at 2020...
Visit this web site then for more details

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